Friday, 30 January 2015

Raspberry Kiss Pillow

Last year I joined the Aussie Handmade Birthday Club. I was assigned to a group of 12 ladies each with a designated month (that may or may not correspond with our birth month depending on availability!) and every month each member makes a gift for the birthday girl. I wanted to share what I made for our January birthday girl, Kelly.

Amongst other things, Kelly said she likes rainbows, Cotton and Steel basics and Carrie Bloomston. I pounced on these likes and used Kelly's gift as a chance to try out the raspberry kiss block designed by Rachel of Wooden Spoon Quilts. It's a gorgeous block and as long as you follow all Rachel's tips in the tutorial you'll have no trouble! I might have gotten carried away without reading the whole tutorial and spent some time with my stitch unpick...

Despite the time spent unpicking I really enjoyed making these blocks and finishing them into a pillow. To quilt I used my walking foot and straight lines but I turned the pillow front as I went along to make a pattern of diamonds between all the pluses. Complicated to explain but it turned out lovely. The picture below gives a closer view of the quilting.

For the back I used a Carrie Bloomston print from her line Collage. It's a nice bright, bold print and I like the way it tied in with some of the colours on the front

The best part is the birthday was thrilled with her gift. And I'll be revisiting this block soon as I may have cut out pieces for a second set of blocks at the same time as I cut the first.  Less time spent refolding fabric!