Thursday, 29 September 2016

Quilting Tennis - Round One

Angie, of Gnomeangel fame, and I are finally on a roll with our quilting tennis medallion quilts (see here for more info if you missed the introductory post). After a two month delay in starting we were each thrilled to see what the other had made. We got a good laugh out of the fact that we'd made nearly the same thing. Both of us chose Tartan Kiwi zebra patterns - what are the odds!?!

We've now added a round to each other's medallions and sent them home to their owners who will add the next round (and so on and so forth). I'm excited to get to show you what Angie added to my medallion!

I just looooove what Angie's done with this first border! Continuing the black and white of the zebra is something we both did with our additions. All the coloured fabrics are prints that strongly read as just one colour. There's a lot of my favourites in there too. I especially like the black borders. I think they frame the medallion beautifully. They might need to be repeated somewhere further along I think!

Sorry for the dull background. There is nowhere nice to take quilt pictures within a three year old's walking distance from our home so my back patio will have to do!

If you'd like to see my additions to Angie's quilt pop over to her blog. We are planning to swap quilts again in early November so I need to get my think cap on for what to add next. My mind is buzzing with the possibilities! 


  1. Not only did you both do zebras, but rainbow backgrounds. I love it and will look forward to watching them grow. I hope you find lots of great inspiration as you continue. :)

  2. Wow, both of your zebras and quilts are amazing! Unbelievable coincidence! Just so perfect fabrics and bright colours! I love yours and Angie's! x Teje