Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Catvent QAL - I Finished a Quilt!

In December last year Elizabeth Hartman released her Cat Quilt Pattern and in the lead up to Christmas hosted a Catvent Quilt Along. Each day she published a new cat block pattern and by Christmas those quilting along had 25 different cats ready to turn into a quilt.

I made my 25 cat blocks (not all of them before Christmas!) in a rainbow of colours, but once I put them together with sashing I wasn't really happy with the overall look of the quilt top. It seemed disjointed to me and I put it on the WIP pile until I could think of a way to tie it all together.

I can't remember what made me think of adding a scrappy rainbow border but it seems just right. It creates a sense of harmony which was lacking previously. Some black polka dots for backing and binding and a simple wave stitch for quilting and this little quilt was good to go. It makes a lovely sized floor mat for a baby and has already been gifted to some cat-loving friends who have just had their first child!


  1. This is fabulous. I love a good rainbow. I think the border and binding work really well - great choices.

    1. Thanks Angie. I'm happy with how it turned out. I find it's always better to walk away for a while when a project isn't making sense than to press on with something I don't like!