Monday, 28 July 2014

Single Fold Binding - a mini tutorial

I mentioned yesterday that I finished my Sea Breeze Mini Quilt with a single fold binding which creates a finer edge than a double fold binding. I took some pictures as I went and thought they might be helpful if you'd like to create a single fold binding on your own mini (or quilt of any size!). Please note this is not a comprehensive binding tutorial and assumes you know the basics of making a double fold binding.

For this binding you will cut your strips 1.25in wide. This is a bonus if you only have a little bit of your chosen binding fabric as it uses much less fabric than a double fold binding does. For the Sea Breeze Mini I found that three strips the width of my fabric was more than enough. I joined those three strips into one long strip by placing them at right angles right sides together and stitching diagonally across the corner (not pictured) I then sewed it to the front of my quilt sandwich using a quarter inch seam mitring the corners as I normally would and joining my ends at the start/finish.

I then pressed the binding away from the quilt (shown below from the back of the quilt) all the way along the edges but not at the corners. 
Working from the back of the quilt I folded the binding down so that the raw edge of the binding nearly reached the raw edge of the quilt sandwich.
I then folded it down again, pulling it snugly down against the edge of the quilt and hiding the raw edges of both the quilt and the binding inside.

I used Clover clips to hold my binding in place, but you could also use pins or bull dog clips.  The corners are a little fiddly as you have to make sure to tuck all the raw edges in as you fold the binding down. I didn't think to take a photo of it, but principle is the same as for the edges.

Finally I finished attaching the binding by hand. This method creates a lovely finish on smaller quilts and is always my favourite way to bind a mini. I hope you found these pictures helpful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will reply in the comments section of this post.


  1. I just love your mini - your use of the fabric really makes little plus blocks pop out ! thanks so much for the tip about single binding - it makes sense to use that technique on minis that aren't handled !

  2. Great tutorial on binding. I probably should have done a single fold binding on my mini. Love you sea breeze looks amazing. Love the secondary pattern you created.